Are You Desperate to Pass an Oral English Exam, Make a Great Impression at a Job Interview or You Simply Want to Be Able to Speak with Other English Speakers Fluently?

Finally You Can Become a Fluent English Speaker in Less Than 8 Weeks’ Time!

Robby Kukurs

From: Robby Kukurs
English Fluency Coach

Hi my fellow non-native English speaker!

My name’s Robby, I’m also a non-native English speaker, and I’ve been an English fluency coach for more than 7 years now.

I’ve personally helped hundreds of foreigners just like YOU to achieve English fluency and ability to speak without constructing English sentences in head – instead my students have learned how to speak fluently without much thinking, just like native English speakers do!

You Need My English Fluency Coaching IF:

 You’ve been studying English for years BUT you still can’t speak fluently
 You can read, write and understand in English very well YET you can’t speak at the same level
 You get stuck for words very often because you can’t think of the right words to say
 When you speak, you create sentences in your mind before speaking which makes you hesitate all the time!

So, if you experience these symptoms and you’re desperate to finally learn how to speak in English fluently and confidently, Fluency Star coaching is for you!

English fluency coaching


Fluency Star TestimonialI am an academician from Turkey who had fluency issues in English.

I had tried many methods in the past, yet I could not overcome my fluency problems. When I first come across Fluency Star program details, I thought that it was just for me!

I signed up for the program and studied as it is required. At the end of the program, my fluency dramatically improved. On top of that, I am much more confident while speaking now than before!

If you are really willing to improve your fluency, and if you are going to study according to the requirements, do not hesitate to get involved in the Fluency Star program.

Your spoken english will definitely improve within weeks. Fluency star program is really a unique method and much more different than those of some online English fluency programs. Robby is a great professional and he really creates a friendly atmosphere.

Thank you Robby, thank you Fluency Star Program!

Fluency Start testimonial

Prof. Dr. Utku ŞENOL from Turkey

WHY Fluency Star Coaching Works

Fluency Star, just like my best-selling English fluency improving program English Harmony System, is based on learning word COMBINATIONS and then using them in your speech as well as writing.

You see – traditionally we learn English grammar rules, then acquire individual vocabulary words and then we stick them together forming sentences on paper.

This process may work quite well for us when writing just because we have more time to think things over, but when it comes to speaking – we struggle big time because we’re trying to do the same process in our head and it just doesn’t work.

In Fluency Star I’m going to imprint hundreds of natural English word combinations into your MOUTH muscles so that you can use them spontaneously, without any thinking whatsoever!

On top of that, we’re going to do plenty of spoken English practice so that you can solidify all that knowledge and you’ll be ready to speak with any other English speaker in real life – your interviewer, examiner, boss, work colleague, you name it!
You’ll be speaking just like a native English speaker!

But now – more about what makes the Fluency Star English fluency coaching UNIQUE.

100% Focus on Simple, Every-day SPOKEN English

Most likely you want to improve your English fluency due to one of the following reasons:

 To pass the oral part of an IELTS exam
 To do a job interview and land a better-paid job
 To move to an English speaking country and become part of the local English speaking community

The simple fact is, however, that your ability to speak fluent conversational English is applicable in all life situations!

You don’t have to be learning very specific vocabulary and you most definitely don’t have to study the most complicated English grammar concepts in order to achieve the goals listed above.

No matter what your goal is, at the end of the day you have to be able to express your opinion verbally, and it’s best achieved by learning to speak simple, colloquial English consisting of plenty of expressions and phrasal verbs because they’re used across all industries.

And that, my friend, is EXACTLY what we’re doing here at

We’re focusing on your ability to speak out loud using simple, popular English expressions, phrases and idiomatic expressions which can be applied on ANY industry and life situation!

No Formal Grammar Rules

Traditionally English studies are based upon grammar rule acquisition.

Grammar is considered to be the Holy Grail of the English language, and 99.9% of English teachers and students strongly believe that first you need to learn proper grammar, then acquire loads of new English vocabulary words, and then you’ll be able to speak fluently.

It’s wrong.

I’d been doing that for long, long years only to find out that I could construct grammatically perfect English sentences on paper but when I had to speak out loud, all of a sudden it became very different because:

 English speech is spontaneous – you have to open your mouth and say something immediately
 You don’t have time to construct sentences and apply grammar rules as you speak

Over the years I’ve found that the only way to learn to speak like native English speakers do is by learning grammatically correct speech patterns – sentences, phrases and word groups – without actually analyzing them from the grammar standpoint.

And that’s exactly what we do at Fluency Star – we learn to SPEAK CORRECTLY instead of studying abstract grammar rules!

Student Doesn’t Feel Inferior to The Teacher

A big drawback of the majority of Skype-based English coaching is the simple fact that the teacher does most of the talking.

And here’s why it’s an issue – if your teacher speaks most of the time, YOU DON’T LEARN HOW TO SPEAK.

The teacher whose English is already perfect is speaking 80% of the time, you’re responding by using two-word sentences because you’re afraid of saying something stupid, and in the end you’re paying your hard-earned cash for a conversation which doesn’t really result in a considerable improvement to your own ability to speak.

You’re looking up to the teacher because he speaks so well, and the complex of inferiority is preventing you from feeling confident and unleashing your full potential.

Here at Fluency Star I never make you feel inferior.

I’m a non-native English speaker myself, and I’m also prone to making some mistakes when speaking, and we’re doing the whole fluency coaching thing as partners instead of having the typical student-teacher relationship.

Simplicity Instead of Information Overload

Traditionally English students are given a massive amount of information to learn – grammar rules, vocabulary and so on. More often than not, it creates confusion and a terrible sense of being overwhelmed. As you know yourself, you can’t really take in all that information, absorb it and then magically start using when speaking.
I guess I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that countless English textbooks and grammar books gathering dust on your bookshelves is a living proof of that!

 Fluency Star English coaching is totally different.

 No massive amounts of information.

 No un-realistic expectations.


What we’re going to do in each Fluency Star lesson is a very manageable amount of English phraseology that you’re going to repeat all over and over again in different contexts and situations until it gets cemented into your brain!

Basically you’re going to learn to use a few bits of spoken English at a time in your SPEECH instead of working with massive amounts of text or listening material which would be forgotten in a few days’ time anyway!

Active Engagement Instead of Passive Vocab Building

Have you ever asked yourself the following question – “How come I can read, write and understand English very well but I can’t speak properly?”

Well, it’s all about PASSIVE vs ACTIVE vocabulary.

When you read and write, you tap into your passive vocab resources and the funny thing is that we all recognize a whole lot more English content than we can actually produce orally ourselves.

When you have to speak, all of a sudden you have to start using your active vocabulary and phraseology you’ve been trained to use as part of live SPEECH, and in circumstances where you’ve been doing most of your English studies following the traditional learning methods it amounts to very little.

In Fluency Star we’re going to work on your ACTIVE vocabulary 100% of the time!

Yes, TOTAL focus on your ability to speak instead of just your ability to read and understand because guess what? You’re already quite good at it, aren’t you?

Every single word, phrase and correct grammar construct you’re going to learn, you’re going to learn as part of live speech, so you’re not going to end up in the same situations where you can recognize something said by others while being totally unable to replicate the same speech yourself!

Stop Being Afraid of Making Mistakes

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes when we do something.

English is no exception, but somehow in the traditional English learning environment it’s widely accepted that mistakes are bad and students ought to be punished for making them.

As a result, we’re all afraid of making mistakes when speaking in English, and that’s one of the biggest reasons as to why we’re actually holding ourselves back from speaking in the first place!

In Fluency Star you’ll NEVER hear any condescending remarks about your mistakes!
I fully embrace the concept of learning from mistakes, so here’s how we’re going to go about the whole mistake thing:

 If you make a mistake in relation to the phraseology you’re memorizing as part of the current lesson or you’re getting the English Grammar Tenses totally wrong, I’m going to interrupt your speech by saying it correctly, and you’ll repeat it again till it becomes your second nature.
 If you make minor mistakes in other parts of your speech, we’re going to ignore them for the most part because you can’t FOCUS on all at once – new phraseology and the rest of your speech! If you try to do that, you start over-analyzing your speech and you simply become unable to speak fluently!

Basically we’re going to develop your ability to speak fluently ONE STEP AT A TIME instead of trying to rush it all at once, and mistakes will literally take care of themselves over time because you’re going to learn more and more correct speech patterns during the Fluency Star lessons which will result in an ever-increasing fluency.

Fluency Star Coaching Specifics

English fluency coaching


Fluency Star TestimonialI came across Robert's blog a few months ago and was drawn to one of his videos instantly (the one in which he talks about how we humans try to match up to each other's levels).

After watching this video, I sent him a request to teach me to speak fluently and to help me change my horrible accent. A few chat sessions later, Roberts not only helped me with my fluency issues but also helped me build confidence in myself and character.

I was motivated to go out into the world (I live in the US) and face my demons. Roberts took up on a challenge of helping a person with a very poor self-esteem and when I look back, I can see it was no small feat.

I was a very difficult client and always had an excuse for my lack of fluency. Roberts encouraged me to practice talking to myself into my phone and the more I practiced this technique, the more clearly I was able to express my thoughts. I practiced having a conversation with him and every time I used a big word, he'd would ask me what it meant.

He told me to focus on having a simple, open, direct, and honest communication instead of simply using a 'big word' every now and then. I also really loved his concept of 'learning words contextually' so I now employ this trick as well to help me retain more 'big words' (ha ha) and also to improve my fluency.

I also love practicing his 'phrases' technique like using phrases 'bound to', 'speaking of', 'in any way, shape or form' etc This robust program helped me with some really cool and the best mental fluency hacks on my fluency journey and the more I practice them, the better I will get.

And every time I read one of his posts, I take away a nugget. Above all, Roberts helped me build confidence, taught me to become self-reliant and become my best motivator.

Since Roberts no longer offers his fluency program, I will continue to follow his blog in my fluency building efforts. I'm Roberts Kukurs fan forever!


Best Regards,

Juliet Philip

Fluency Start testimonial

Juliet R Philip from MD, USA

Duration of the program - 8 weeks

The duration of the entire coaching program is 8 weeks or 60 days, but obviously if you have to take a short break in between due to your personal circumstances, that’s fine. I’m flexible enough when it comes to dealing with my students!

Total amount of my time invested - an impressive 80 hours altogether!

20 Skype sessions - each lasting for a full hour at least! - is the bread and butter of our program. Getting your mouth exercised during our live chat sessions so that you imprint English speech patterns into your brain and mouth is of the utmost importance! And please bear in mind – it’s going to be totally different from your typical Skype English learning where the teacher is speaking most of the time and you’re just opening your mouth for short periods of time.

You’re going to be doing most of the talking by either asking questions or responding to my questions and while doing so you’ll be using new speech patterns you’ll be given prior to the live chat.

But on top of that, I'm going to invest an enormous amount of time preparing for those Skype sessions because - guess what? - I'm not going down the traditional road where the teacher is just asking the student some questions without any advance planning.

What I'm doing here is totally different - I'm spending about 3 hours preparing for each chat session!!!

Number of new phrases, idiomatic expressions and sentence structures acquired – at least 300

When having a live chat session, you’re going to have a list of up to 15 various English word combinations to be used in that particular chat session:

 Sentence starters (Here’s the thing…)
 Phrases to be used in the middle of a sentence (…an awful lot more…)
 Sentence endings (…down the line.)
 Grammar structures (Had I… I would have…)
 Collocations (a firm believer in…)
 Specific vocabulary (viable option)

Number and size of articles corrected – 20 articles x 400 words each

This is how we’re going to come up with those new word combinations for each Skype session – you’re going to write an average size (400 words) piece on a specific subject I’m going to give you using your own words (and don’t worry, I’ll give you guidelines on how to do it!)

Then I’m going to correct your piece and I’m also going to stuff it with idiomatic expressions and various word combinations which are normally used in English.

This exercise will ensure the following:

 Your spoken English is going to develop according to your overall English level. There’s no point for me to provide you with passages written using super-intelligent language, it would only confuse you and make you overwhelmed. By far the best way to make sure our chat sessions adequately reflect your English level is to get you to provide the general framework first which we build upon slowly and gradually.
 Every new bit of information you learn is going to be closely associated with something out of YOUR LIFE thus ensuring greater success during the live chat sessions. If you work an article written by someone else, it’s quite impersonal. Something you write, on the other hand, is going to have your heart and soul poured into it, so when it comes to discussing it you’re going to have a much greater success rate of speaking about it fluently.

Setting the Main Goal

Right after the payment I’m going to contact you to help you choose one of the following MAIN goals you want to achieve upon the completion of the Fluency Star coaching program:

1. English fluency for your workplace (corporate, industry specific and business English)
2. Job interview preparation and professional fluency
3. English fluency for social life (going out, enjoying hobbies, travelling)
4. Ability to speak fluently in personal life (living with an English speaking partner)
5. Oral and written English exam preparation for IELTS and other popular English exams (ability to write and speak fluently about a range of various topics)
6. Moving to an English speaking country and settling down (going to various institutions, finding a job, renting or buying a house and attending a college)
7. Custom goal – you’re providing topics for each individual Skype session.

But don’t worry – just because you choose one of the above main goals, it doesn’t mean our coaching is going to be narrowly focused on one main topic only.

Upon the completion of the program you’re going to be able to speak fluently about a wide variety of topics no matter which goal you’re going to choose!

So, for example, if you choose goal #2 – Job interview preparation – we’re going to do plenty of interview-based conversations, but at the same time we’re also going to work on your ability to talk about other topics so that you feel comfortable enough no matter what the interviewer might throw at you!


Next thing - we’re going to agree on the time of the day when we’re going to do the Skype sessions.

We’re going to have one Skype session every three days and I’m going to send you an Excel spreadsheet with available times and you’re going to choose the times that suit your schedule.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to plan your life 2 months ahead and then stick with it religiously! I’m quite flexible and if your plans change over time, we’ll move the lessons up or down as required.

It’s just that I like to have an overall idea of our timetable, that’s all.

Here’s EXACTLY How Fluency Star Coaching Works

English fluency coaching


Step 1 – Day 1 - Writing a Piece on a Topic – Done by YOU - 20 minutes

English Fluency CoachingOnce we’ve set your main goal and agreed on the timetable, I’m going to send you the first topic you have to write about. You’re going to follow clearly set-out guidelines so no stressing out there! Your aim is to simply write about the given topic as if you were speaking about it and you have to do it without any regard to correctness of the written piece – just do it spontaneously so that everything that’s in your mind comes out in a written format.

Step 2 – Day 1 & 2 - Correction & Phraseology Insertion – Done by ME - 120 minutes

English Fluency CoachingI’m going to take your written piece and here’s what I’m going to do with it:

 I’m going to correct it in terms of grammar and style (I’ll also provide feedback on the corrections I’m making so that you can take that advice on board)
 I’m going to stuff your written piece with various English expressions, phrases and word combinations and I’m going to highlight them and insert them into a separate Excel spreadsheet – we’re aiming for around 15 of them per article (anymore more than that would be hard for you to digest)

Step 3 - Day 1 & 2 - Chat Worksheet Creation - Done by ME - 60 minutes

English Fluency CoachingNow comes the most important preparation step - chat worksheet creation - and here's exactly how I'm going to do it:

 I'm going to create around 15 questions and answers based on the edited article and all the information you've provided in the article!
 I’m going to transfer all the collocations and expressions from the article onto the 800 word long chat worksheet so that the Skype session is 100% based on natural English speech patterns I've inserted into the article.
 I'm also going to choose the best sentences starters for you so that you can know EXACTLY how to answer my questions thus leaving any guesswork out of the equation!

Step 4 – Day 2 & 3 - Memorizing New English Word Combinations – Done by YOU

English Fluency CoachingThis is how you do it:

 Read the chat worksheet out loud as many times as you can, ideally around 20 times. On the first day of your preparation do it 5 times in a row, then another 5 times within a couple of hours and then do the same on the following day. Initially DON’T FORCE yourself to memorize anything, just read it out loud and allow the words and sentences to sink in!
 Every next time you read the chat worksheet, try to avert your eyes from the written content more and more – especially when reading out the highlighted bits. Obviously you wouldn’t be aiming to learn the entire chat worksheet off by heart; your goal is simply to wire those word combinations into your brain and MOUTH so that you can produce them more or less automatically!

Step 5 – Day 3 – Live Chat Session – Done by YOU & ME - 60 minutes

English Fluency CoachingThis is a very INTENSE 30 minute long chat session where we’re not wasting any time.

We're going to use the chat worksheet and I'm going to ask you questions and you're going to answer them.

We're going to go through the chat worksheet 2 - 4 times depending on the complexity of the subject and every next time you're going to use the chat worksheet to a lesser degree with the ultimate goal of doing to last round without referring to the chat worksheet at all!

So it’s all about imprinting those particular idiomatic expressions and collocations into your mind and mouth so deeply that they just stay with you forever!

Here’s EXACTLY How Fluency Star Live Chat Sessions Happen

English fluency coaching

Just to make it easier for you to understand how exactly it all works, here’s a few example questions and answers during a chat session.

Main Goal: English Fluency for Workplace

First Topic: Discussing Technology

Live Chat Session:

ME: Please, repeat this sentence starter after me: "Well, frankly speaking …"

You: "Well, frankly speaking …"

ME: Please, repeat this collocation after me: "Getting square eyes from..."

You: "Getting square eyes from..."

ME: Are you getting square eyes from constantly staring at the monitor at work?

You: "Well, frankly speaking, at the end of my working day I’m getting square eyes from constantly staring at the monitor and I just can’t wait to get out of there!"

ME: Please, repeat this collocation after me: "Has developed leaps and bounds."

You: "Has developed leaps and bounds."

ME: Are you surprised that there’s been incredible development in the 3D printing technology in the last few years? 

You: "Well, frankly speaking, the 3D printing technology has developed leaps and bounds and nothing could surprise me anymore!"

Now, as you can see – you’re constantly going to repeat the highlighted collocations throughout our chat session thus imprinting them into your mouth for good.

But that’s not all!

While we’re chatting, you’re also going to learn how to speak with correct grammar because as I said previously, I’m going to correct your English Tenses and other major grammar mistakes on the go!

Also, I’m going to take notes while we’re chatting to make sure I build a list of your weaknesses so that we can work on them at a later stage by incorporating those particular sentences in future chat sessions – and the goal, of course, is to make sure that eventually you get it all right.

And of course – I’m going to tailor the chat sessions according to your goal. If it’s a job interview for example, I’m not going to ask you to come up with questions that your interviewer is going to ask you – I’ll provide them all for you and you’ll only have to provide information on your experience, personal profile, dealing with customers and colleagues and so on.

Fluency Star is the PERFECT Way of Improving Your Spoken English!

You’re going to work out your mouth just like your body in a gym.

Constant speaking – no non-sense!

 No time waste responding to simple teacher’s questions and letting the teacher do all the talking.
 No bullshit vocabulary and grammar structure building whereby you learn a new word or a new grammar rule once and then forget it again.
 And definitely no guessing what you have to say (which is what many Skype English teachers make you do unfortunately) – you’re going to know exactly what you have to say at any given moment in time during the chat session which is the only way how you can effectively learn to speak WITHOUT MUCH THINKING!

What we’re going to do here at Fluency Star is the MOST EFFECTIVE way of improving your English and getting you to speak fluently about your main goal related subjects:

 Repeating natural, correct English phrases and sentences all over again – and then AGAIN – so that you can speak the same way with other people!
 Speaking all the time instead of just listening. Listening is passive and trains your comprehension – not your mouth. The only way you can learn how to speak correct and native-like English is by SPEAKING ALL THE TIME!


Fluency Star testimonialLike every Austrian child, I had to learn English at school - of course, when you attend a class with 20 other pupils the focus could not be on "Speaking" - learning vocabulary, writing articles and using the correct grammar was the central issue.

In my job, I did not need to talk English, but I attended English-courses in an Institute for adult-education during my spare time. I learnt to read English-books and to listen to English-documentaries on TV. But still I was not able to speak properly and I always was afraid to make mistakes and stumbled and struggled with words when I spoke English.

When I became 50 years old, I decided to pursue a new career as a licensed tourist - guide. In Austria, you have to enroll in a course, which lasts for two years and afterwards to graduate as a tourist guide. When you want to pass the exam you have to do so also in a second language but the course itself is only offered in German.

I engaged a private English-teacher to help me learning for the exam.  And this was the point when I learnt about Robby - my teacher appreciated Robby's "You-Tube-contributions" and I heard all of them. I was fascinated. I passed the exam but did not want to work with English-speaking guests - I thought I only wanted to pass the exam but never guide in English. But as a matter of fact I got offers to guide in English too - so I started with pretty easy tours in English. But I didn't feel comfortable.

As I never stopped to follow Robby's English-Harmony-blog it seemed to me like my last rescue when he announced "Fluency Star". I'm not sure but I think, I was one of his first students when I started about one year ago. It is worth the price - I could do additional tours in English and earn more money than I paid for the course.

The structure of Fluency star is admirable and it is the kind of learning and improving my English skills exactly the way I need. I write an article about a topic I am guiding or about historical events. Robby corrects the article and puts some phrases into the speech and so it sounds more natural. Robby is also very flexible with his schedule so we always find free time to speak via Skype about the corrected lesson in our 30-minute chat. Often we talk a little longer and Robby does not interrupt exactly after 30 minutes.

He also corrects my pronunciation - but only when it is a big mistake. He is so patient and interested in all topics. Robby is extremely precise when he corrects my articles. When he does not understand what I am trying to explain, he looks the topic up in the Internet to get a clue what I want to describe. He also enlarges my vocabulary knowledge - so that I don't always use the same words.

As I mentioned before, we started one year ago and interrupted the lessons during my peak season and eventually started again nine months later with the last lessons.

At the moment, I have to guide a one-hour Walking tour in English three times in the week on a regular basis and so I have the advantage to practice everything I spoke with Robby. Of course, I am still struggling with words sometimes - and I try to remember which phrases or collocation I should say - then I am confused. But don't cry over spilled milk - forget the mistakes - Robby would say - and the next sentences are fluent again.

Fluency star was the best thing that could happen to me to become more self-confident and to overcome my fear of speaking English. I can recommend Robby's method of learning to everybody who wants to focus on spoken English!


Best Regards

Gabriela Schlesinger

Fluency Start testimonial

Gabriela Schlesinger from Austria

This Is Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity to Finally Start Speaking Fluent English!

Now, are you interested in:

 Learning how to speak normal, every-day English just like native English speakers do?

 Dealing with your English fluency issues and finally start speaking without hesitation and planning your speech in your head beforehand?

 Gaining access to ALL of my English fluency improving products I’ve ever created (EH System, Accent Genie Program and Fluency Gym Coach Program) and any future products as well?

 And most importantly – achieving your most desired DREAM – getting that promotion, or a new job, or being able to socialize with your English speaking work colleagues and college buddies without much difficulty?

Then wait no longer, just book the 60 day long Fluency Star Coaching Program RIGHT NOW!

English fluency coaching


English Fluency Coaching

Here’s Exactly What’s Included:

 20 article blueprints provided so that you can create the required content easily and effortlessly 
 20 x 400 word articles corrected (feedback included) and jam-packed with English collocations – 300 at least! – which makes content for the chat sessions (I'll spend 2400 minutes on this!)
 20 Skype chat session worksheets prepared (I'll spend 1200 minutes on this!)
 20 x 60 minutes long live Skype chat sessions (we'll spend at least 1200 minutes on this!)
 Your personal English fluency improvement profile created containing collocations, grammar structures and specific vocabulary
 I'll throw in the English Harmony System (worth 67$!), Accent Genie Program (worth 47$!) and Fluency Gym Coach Program (worth 47$) for FREE!!! It just doesn’t get better than that!


Please contact me HERE if you're interested in the Fluency Star Coaching Program!

Can’t await to start working on your fluency, my friend!

English Fluency Coach

Robby Kukurs

Robby Kukurs

Please note:

  1. I'm generally available for Skype lessons 18:00 PM - 00:00 AM GMT (London time) during weekdays – and my Skype name is englishharmony – so as soon as you make the payment please add me onto your Skype so that I can get in touch with you as soon as possible. 
  2. The Skype lessons are conducted in a very friendly, informal manner so that the stress level is almost non-existent and you can actually develop your ability to speak instead of freaking out over any mistakes you may make!  
  3. I’m not going to cut our conversations short at the 60 minute mark – if it takes another 5 – 10 minutes to finish off the lesson – no problem! After all – your English fluency goal is the most important thing we have to focus on and I’m going to give it 100% dedication!
  4. The entire program has to be done within 6 months of you signing up for it. If it goes past the 6 month mark, I won't be able to guarantee regular chat sessions as I have to make time for new students.